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Famous Shamrock Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Shamrock poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous shamrock poems. These examples illustrate what a famous shamrock poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Holmes, Oliver Wendell
...domed hall with its tapestried floor,
And Spring the last tear-drop of May-dew is leaving
On the daisy of Burns and the shamrock of Moore.

How like, how unlike, as we view them together,
The song of the minstrels whose record we scan,--
One fresh as the breeze blowing over the heather,
One sweet as the breath from an odalisque's fan!

Ah, passion can glow mid a palace's splendor;
The cage does not alter the song of ths bird;
And the curtain of silk has known whispers as ...Read More

by Moore, Thomas
Shoots up, with dew-drops streaming, 
As softly green 
As emeralds seen 
Through purest crystal gleaming. 
Oh the Shamrock, the green, immortal Shamrock! 
Chosen leaf 
Of Bard and Chief, 
Old Erin's native Shamrock! 

Says Valour, "See, 
They spring for me, 
Those leafy gems of morning!" -- 
Says Love, "No, no, 
For me they grow, 
My fragrant path adorning." 
But Wit perceives 
The triple leaves, 
And cries, "Oh! do not sever 
A type that blends 
Three godlike frien...Read More

by Moore, Thomas
...ove, like a breeze, o'er the waves of the west -- 
Give the light of your look to each sorrowing spot, 
Nor, oh, be the Shamrock of Erin forgot 
While you add to your garland the Olive of Spain. 

If the fame of our fathers, bequeathed with their rights, 
Give to country its charm, and to home its delights; 
If deceit be a wound, and suspicion a stain, 
Then, ye men of Iberia, our cause is the same! 
And oh! may his tomb want a tear and a name, 
Who would ask for a nobler...Read More

by Service, Robert William the fury of the Irish and the Scotch.
Aye, though they closed their gaping ranks and rallied to the fray,
To the Shamrock and the Thistle went the glory of the day.

You should have seen the carnage in the drooling light of dawn,
Yet 'mid the scene of slaughter Jock MacPherson playing on.
Though all lay low about him, yet he held his head on high,
And piped as if he stood upon the caller crags of Skye.
His face was grim as granite, and no favour did he ask,...Read More

by Lawson, Henry
...kade in my hat, 
Though friends may desert me, and kindred disown, 
My country will never do that! 
You may sing of the Shamrock, the Thistle, the rose, 
Or the three in a bunch, if you will; 
But I know of a country that gathered all those, 
And I love the great land where the Waratah grows. 
And the Wattle-bough blooms on the hill. 

Australia! Australia! so fair to behold- 
While the blue sky is arching above; 
The stranger should never have need to be told, 
That ...Read More

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