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Regina Derieva Poems

A collection of select Regina Derieva famous poems that were written by Regina Derieva or written about the poet by other famous poets. PoetrySoup is a comprehensive educational resource of the greatest poems and poets on history.

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by Derieva, Regina
 All my life 
I sought 
an angel. 
And he appeared 
in order to say: 
"I am no angel !"...Read More

by Derieva, Regina
 Sons of bitches
were born
with hearts of stone,
cherishing this stone
all their life.
Children of
sons of bitches
were born
with hearts of grenade,
in order to
blow to pieces
and to leave as a message for their...Read More

by Derieva, Regina
 I don't feel at home where I am,
or where I spend time; only where,
beyond counting, there's freedom and calm,
that is, waves, that is, space where, when there,
you consist of...Read More

by Derieva, Regina
 Beyond Siberia again Siberia,
beyond impenetrable forest again forest.
And beyond it waste ground,
where a blizzard of snow breaks loose.

The blizzard has handcuffs, and the snow-
storm has a knife which kills...Read More

by Derieva, Regina
 It was not necessary to study
the language
of a strange country;
anyway, it would be of no help.
It was not necessary to know
where Italy or England
is located;
travel was obviously
out of question.
It...Read More

by Derieva, Regina
 On the sea-shore, smell of iodine,
and square as in Sicily, and dancing.

An intellectual that came from the common people,
preparing himself to be Rosencrantz.
He decides to serve Claudius and therefore
spy...Read More

by Derieva, Regina
 A poem—
is just one more
scrap of paper
that has sailed off the table
in a bottle
with a cry for help....Read More

by Derieva, Regina
 Everyone, after all, was killed:
he who was crucified,
he who died without skin,
he who died without a head,
he who was drowned,
he who was thrown down
from the wall of the Temple,
which...Read More

by Derieva, Regina
 Oval mirror of the sea,
age-warped isle waved and cloudy,
each angle crystalline and salty.
my lens into reality.

Point of space just visible,
focus of beams ineffable,
swith of signals transmissible,
receiver of voices inaudible

At...Read More