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Henrik Ibsen Poems

A collection of select Henrik Ibsen famous poems that were written by Henrik Ibsen or written about the poet by other famous poets. PoetrySoup is a comprehensive educational resource of the greatest poems and poets on history.

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by Ibsen, Henrik
 HER griefs were the hours 
When my struggle was sore,-- 
Her joys were the powers 
That the climber upbore. 

Her home is the boundless 
Free ocean that seems 
To...Read More

by Ibsen, Henrik
 NOW, rallying once if ne'er again, 
With flag at half-mast flown, 
A people in dire need and strain 
Mans Tyra's bastion. 

Betrayed in danger's hour, betrayed 
Before the stress...Read More

by Ibsen, Henrik
 IN summer dusk the valley lies 
With far-flung shadow veil; 
A cloud-sea laps the precipice 
Before the evening gale: 
The welter of the cloud-waves grey 
Cuts off from keenest...Read More

by Ibsen, Henrik
 SEE, dear, what thy lover brings; 
'Tis the flower with the white wings. 
Buoyed upon the quiet stream 
In the spring it lay adream. 

Homelike to bestow this guest,...Read More

by Ibsen, Henrik
 TO skies that were brighter 
Turned he his prows; 
To gods that were lighter 
Made he his vows. 

The snow-land's mountains 
Sank in the deep; 
Sunnier fountains 
Lulled him...Read More

by Ibsen, Henrik
 "GOOD Heavens, man, what a freak of taste! 
What blindness to form and feature! 
The girl's no beauty, and might be placed 
As a hoydenish kind of creature." 

No...Read More

by Ibsen, Henrik
 NOW they sing the hero loud; -- 
But they sing him in his shroud. 

Torch he kindled for his land; 
On his brow ye set its brand. 

Taught by...Read More

by Ibsen, Henrik
 BEETLING rock, with roar and smoke 
Break before my hammer-stroke! 
Deeper I must thrust and lower 
Till I hear the ring of ore. 

From the mountain's unplumbed night, 
Deep...Read More

by Ibsen, Henrik
 WITH palette laden 
She sat, as I passed her, 
A dainty maiden 
Before an Old Master. 

What mountain-top is 
She bent upon? Ah, 
She neatly copies 
Murillo's Madonna. 

But...Read More