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Famous Fireflies Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Fireflies poems written by well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous fireflies poems.

These examples illustrate what a famous fireflies poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate). The poems may also contain the word 'fireflies'.

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by Shelley, Percy Bysshe
 Before those cruel twins whom at one birth
Incestuous Change bore to her father Time,
Error and Truth, had hunted from the earth
All those bright natures which adorned its prime,
And left...Read More
by Seeger, Alan
 I know a village in a far-off land
Where from a sunny, mountain-girdled plain
With tinted walls a space on either hand
And fed by many an olive-darkened lane
The high-road mounts, and...Read More
by Swinburne, Algernon Charles
OUTSIDE the garden
The wet skies harden;
The gates are barred on
The summer side:
"Shut out the flower-time,
Sunbeam and shower-time;
Make way for our time,"
Wild winds have cried.
Green once and...Read More
by Walcott, Derek
 There were still shards of an ancient pastoral 
in those shires of the island where the cattle drank 
their pools of shadow from an older sky, 
surviving from when...Read More
by Plath, Sylvia
 Mother, mother, what ill-bred aunt
Or what disfigured and unsightly
Cousin did you so unwisely keep
Unasked to my christening, that she
Sent these ladies in her stead
With heads like darning-eggs to nod
And...Read More
by Frost, Robert
 Here come real stars to fill the upper skies,
And here on earth come emulating flies,
That though they never equal stars in size,
(And they were never really stars at heart)
Achieve...Read More
by Lehman, David
 When she says Margarita she means Daiquiri.
When she says quixotic she means mercurial.
And when she says, "I'll never speak to you again,"
she means, "Put your arms around me from...Read More
by Walcott, Derek
 Better a jungle in the head
than rootless concrete.
Better to stand bewildered
by the fireflies' crooked street;

winter lamps do not show
where the sidewalk is lost,
nor can these tongues of snow
speak for...Read More
by Sexton, Anne
 Frau Doktor,
Mama Brundig,
take out your contacts,
remove your wig.
I write for you.
I entertain.
But frogs come out
of the sky like rain.

Frogs arrive
With an ugly fury.
You are my judge.
You are my jury.

My...Read More
by Browning, Robert
 (As Distinguished by an Italian Person of Quality)


Had I but plenty of money, money enough and to spare,
The house for me, no doubt, were a house in the city-square;
Ah,...Read More
by Walcott, Derek
 When sunset, a brass gong,
vibrate through Couva,
is then I see my soul, swiftly unsheathed,
like a white cattle bird growing more small
over the ocean of the evening canes,
and I sit...Read More
by Bishop, Elizabeth
 The state with the prettiest name,
the state that floats in brackish water,
held together by mangrave roots
that bear while living oysters in clusters, 
and when dead strew white swamps with...Read More
by Lowell, Amy
How the slates of the roof sparkle in the sun, 
over there, over there,
beyond the high wall! How quietly the Seine runs in loops 
and windings,
over there, over there,...Read More
by Walcott, Derek
 Koening knew now there was no one on the river.
Entering its brown mouth choking with lilies
and curtained with midges, Koenig poled the shallop
past the abandoned ferry and the ferry...Read More
by Hoagland, Tony
 Sometimes I wish I were still out
on the back porch, drinking jet fuel
with the boys, getting louder and louder
as the empty cans drop out of our paws
like booster rockets...Read More
by Browning, Elizabeth Barrett
 The cypress stood up like a church
That night we felt our love would hold,
And saintly moonlight seemed to search
And wash the whole world clean as gold;
The olives crystallized the...Read More
by Naidu, Sarojini
 THE serpents are asleep among the poppies, 
The fireflies light the soundless panther's way 
To tangled paths where shy gazelles are straying, 
And parrot-plumes outshine the dying day. 
O...Read More
by Nicolson, Adela Florence Cory
   The Desert sands are heated, parched and dreary,
     The tigers rend alive their quivering prey
   In the near Jungle; here the...Read More
by Bishop, Elizabeth
 Half squatter, half tenant (no rent)—
a sort of inheritance; white,
in your thirties now, and supposed
to supply me with vegetables,
but you don't; or you won't; or you can't
get the idea...Read More
by Lowell, Amy
 I own a solace shut within my heart,
A garden full of many a quaint delight
And warm with drowsy, poppied sunshine; bright,
Flaming with lilies out of whose cups dart
Shining things
With...Read More
by Bishop, Elizabeth
 Wasted, wasted minutes that couldn't be worse, 
minutes of a barbaric condescension. 
--Stare out the bathroom window at the fir-trees, 
at their dark needles, accretions to no purpose 
woodenly...Read More
by Seeger, Alan
 Florence, rejoice! For thou o'er land and sea 
So spread'st thy pinions that the fame of thee 
Hath reached no less into the depths of Hell. 
So noble were...Read More
by Simic, Charles
 One shows me how to lie down in a field of clover.
Another how to slip my hand under her Sunday skirt.
Another how to kiss with a mouth full of...Read More
by Riley, James Whitcomb
But yesterday 
I looked away 
O'er happy lands, where sunshine lay 
In golden blots, 
Inlaid with spots 
Of shade and wild forget-me-nots. 

My head was fair 
With flaxen...Read More
by Gluck, Louise
 Now the day is done, 
Now the shepherd sun 
Drives his white flocks from the sky; 
Now the flowers rest 
On their mother's breast, 
Hushed by her low lullaby....Read More
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