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Famous Expiration Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Expiration poems written by well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous expiration poems.

These examples illustrate what a famous expiration poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate). The poems may also contain the word 'expiration'.

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See also:
by St Vincent Millay, Edna
 The room is full of you!—As I came in
And closed the door behind me, all at once
A something in the air, intangible,
Yet stiff with meaning, struck my senses sick!—

Sharp,...Read More
by Paterson, Andrew Barton
 Down along the Snakebite River, where the overlanders camp, 
Where the serpents are in millions, all of the most deadly stamp; 
Where the station-cook in terror, nearly every time...Read More
by Donne, John
 So, so, break off this last lamenting kiss,
 Which sucks two souls, and vapors both away,
Turn thou ghost that way, and let me turn this,
 And let our selves...Read More
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