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Famous Blenheim Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Blenheim poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous blenheim poems. These examples illustrate what a famous blenheim poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Southey, Robert
...r for,
I could not well make out;
But everybody said,” quoth he,
“That ‘twas a famous victory.

“My father lived at Blenheim then,
Yon little stream hard by;
They burnt his dwelling to the ground,
And he was forced to fly;
So with his wife and child he fled,
Nor had he where to rest his head.

“With fire and sword the country round
Was wasted far and wide,
And many a childing mother then,
And new-born baby, died;
But things like that, you know, must be
At every famous...Read More

by Byron, George (Lord), 
And take up rather more time than a day, 
To name his works — he would but cite a few — 
'Wat Tyler' — 'Rhymes on Blenheim' — 'Waterloo.' 


He had written praises of a regicide: 
He had written praises of all kings whatever; 
He had written for republics far and wide; 
And then against them bitterer than ever; 
For pantisocracy he once had cried 
Aloud, a scheme less moral than 'twas clever; 
Then grew a hearty anti-Jacobin — 
Had turn'd his coat — and would...Read More

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