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Famous Besets Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Besets poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous besets poems. These examples illustrate what a famous besets poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Killigrew, Anne
 Changeable like my Woes, 
 Now calmly Sad, 
 Then Raging Mad, 
 As move my Bitter Throwes. 
 Such Dread besets this Part, 
That all the Horrour thou hast past, 
Are but Degrees to This at last. 
 The sight must break my Heart. 
Here Bats and Owles that hate the Light
Fly and enjoy Eternal Night. 
 Scales of Serpents, Fish-bones, 
 Th'Adders Eye, and Toad-stones, 
 Are all the Light, 
 Hath blest my Sight, 
 Since first began my Groans. 

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by Keats, John
...Great Muse, thou know'st what prison
Of flesh and bone, curbs, and confines, and frets
Our spirit's wings: despondency besets
Our pillows; and the fresh to-morrow morn
Seems to give forth its light in very scorn
Of our dull, uninspired, snail-paced lives.
Long have I said, how happy he who shrives
To thee! But then I thought on poets gone,
And could not pray:--nor can I now--so on
I move to the end in lowliness of heart.----

 "Ah, woe is me! that I should fondly par...Read More

by Watts, Isaac
...ugglings in my breast!
But through thy grace, that reigns within,
I guard against my darling sin:

That sin which close besets me still,
That works and strives against my will:
When shall thy Spirit's sovereign power
Destroy it, that it rise no more?

[With an impartial hand, the Lord
Deals out to mortals their reward;
The kind and faithful souls shall find
A God as faithful and as kind.

The just and pure shall ever say,
Thou art more pure, more just than they;
And men t...Read More

by Hood, Thomas
...h stones, 
And years have rotted off his flesh, -- 
The world shall see his bones!

"Oh God! that horrid, horrid dream 
Besets me now awake! 
Again--again, with dizzy brain, 
The human life I take: 
And my red right hand grows raging hot, 
Like Cranmer's at the stake.

"And still no peace for the restless clay, 
Will wave or mould allow; 
The horrid thing pursues my soul -- 
It stands before me now!" 
The fearful Boy looked up, and saw 
Huge drops upon his brow.

That...Read More

by Dickinson, Emily
No respite from the inference
That this which is begun,
Though where its labors lie
A bland uncertainty
Besets the sight
This mighty night --...Read More

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