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Famous August Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous August poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous august poems. These examples illustrate what a famous august poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Crowley, Aleister, and fulfil
From everlasting the eternal will.
We lay within the flood of crimson light
In my own balcony that August night,
And conjuring the aright and the averse
Created yet another universe.

We worked together; dance and rite and spell
Arousing heaven and constraining hell.
We lived together; every hour of rest
Was honied from your tiger-lily breast.
We --- oh what lingering doubt or fear betrayed
My life to fate! --- we parted. Was I afraid?
I w...Read more of this...

by Brackenridge, Hugh Henry
...tue rais'd them to the rank of gods. 
See old Laertes in his shepherd weeds, 
Far from his pompous throne and court august, 
Digging the grateful soil, where peaceful blows 
The west wind murm'ring thro' the aged trees 
Loaded with apples red, sweet scented peach 
And each luxurious fruit the world affords, 
While o'er the fields the harmless oxen draw 
Th' industrious plough. The Roman heroes too 
Fabricius and Camillus lov'd a life 
Of sweet simplicity and rustic jo...Read more of this...

by Whitman, Walt
...w there leaping.) 

Are you he who would assume a place to teach, or be a poet here in The States? 
The place is august—the terms obdurate.

Who would assume to teach here, may well prepare himself, body and mind, 
He may well survey, ponder, arm, fortify, harden, make lithe, himself, 
He shall surely be question’d beforehand by me with many and stern questions. 

Who are you, indeed, who would talk or sing to America? 
Have you studied out the land, its idioms...Read more of this...

by Auden, Wystan Hugh (W H)
...The Ogre does what ogres can,
Deeds quite impossible for Man,
But one prize is beyond his reach,
The Ogre cannot master Speech:
About a subjugated plain,
Among its desperate and slain,
The Ogre stalks with hands on hips,
While drivel gushes from his lips. ...Read more of this...

by Robinson, Edwin Arlington
..., and was again 
With Avon in the room where I had left him,
But not with the same Avon I had left. 
The doctor, an august authority, 
With eminence abroad as well as here, 
Looked hard at me as if I were the doctor 
And he the friend. “I have had eyes on Avon
For more than half a year,” he said to me, 
“And I have wondered often what it was 
That I could see that I was not to see. 
Though he was in the chair where you are looking, 
I told his wife—I had to tell h...Read more of this...

by Hugo, Victor
...ows, they obtain her leave 
 To sing upon the terrace, and relate 
 The charming tales that do with music mate. 
 In August the Moravians have their fête, 
 But it is radiant June in which Lusace 
 Must consecrate her noble Margrave race. 
 Thus in the weird and old ancestral tower 
 For Mahaud now has come the fateful hour, 
 The lonely supper which her state decrees. 
 What matters this to flowers, and birds, and trees, 
 And clouds and fountains? That the people ...Read more of this...

by Wilde, Oscar
...too rude, too obvious a key
To solve one single secret in a life's philosophy.

And Love! that noble madness, whose august
And inextinguishable might can slay
The soul with honeyed drugs, - alas! I must
From such sweet ruin play the runaway,
Although too constant memory never can
Forget the arched splendour of those brows Olympian

Which for a little season made my youth
So soft a swoon of exquisite indolence
That all the chiding of more prudent Truth
Seemed the thin voic...Read more of this...

by Eliot, T S (Thomas Stearns)
...o be wonderful and youthful, after all.”

The voice returns like the insistent out-of-tune
Of a broken violin on an August afternoon:
“I am always sure that you understand
My feelings, always sure that you feel,
Sure that across the gulf you reach your hand.

You are invulnerable, you have no Achilles’ heel.
You will go on, and when you have prevailed
You can say: at this point many a one has failed.

But what have I, but what have I, my friend,
To give you, w...Read more of this...

by Akhmatova, Anna
.... The Pole star blazes.
The blue sparks of those much-loved eyes
Close over and cover the final horror.
[19 August 1939. Fontannyi Dom]


Madness with its wings
Has covered half my soul
It feeds me fiery wine
And lures me into the abyss.

That's when I understood
While listening to my alien delirium
That I must hand the victory
To it.

However much I nag
However much I beg
It will not let me take
One single thing away:

Not my son's frightening eyes...Read more of this...

by Whitman, Walt
...nter’s compass;
I know I shall not pass like a child’s carlacue cut with a burnt stick at

I know I am august; 
I do not trouble my spirit to vindicate itself or be understood; 
I see that the elementary laws never apologize; 
(I reckon I behave no prouder than the level I plant my house by, after all.)

I exist as I am—that is enough; 
If no other in the world be aware, I sit content; 
And if each and all be aware, I sit content. 

One world...Read more of this...

by Sexton, Anne
...he turned from me, as if death were catching,
as if death transferred,
as if my dying had eaten inside of her.
That August you were two, by I timed my days with doubt.
On the first of September she looked at me
and said I gave her cancer.
They carved her sweet hills out
and still I couldn't answer.


That winter she came
part way back
from her sterile suite
of doctors, the seasick
cruise of the X-ray,
the cells' arithmetic
gone wild. Surgery incompl...Read more of this...

by Wilde, Oscar cycle, and the earth
Hath borne again a noisy progeny
Of ignorant Titans, whose ungodly birth
Hurls them against the august hierarchy
Which sat upon Olympus; to the Dust
They have appealed, and to that barren arbiter they must

Repair for judgment; let them, if they can,
From Natural Warfare and insensate Chance,
Create the new Ideal rule for man!
Methinks that was not my inheritance;
For I was nurtured otherwise, my soul
Passes from higher heights of life to a more suprem...Read more of this...

by Kipling, Rudyard
...ays in the lavish Roman style--
Still we find among the river-drift their flakes of ancient tile,
And in drouthy middle August, when the bones of meadows
We can trace the lines they followed sixteen hundred years ago.

Then Julius Fabricius died as even Prefects do,
And after certain centuries, Imperial Rome died too.
Then did robbers enter Britain from across the Northern main
And our Lower River-field was won by Ogier the Dane.

Well could Ogier work his ...Read more of this...

by Levine, Philip
...On March 1, 1958, four deserters from the French Army of North Africa, 
August Rein, Henri Bruette, Jack Dauville, & Thomas Delain, robbed a 
government pay station at Orleansville. Because of the subsequent 
confession of Dauville the other three were captured or shot. Dauville 
was given his freedom and returned to the land of his birth, the U.S.A.

from a last camp near St. Remy

 I dig i...Read more of this...

by Walcott, Derek
...1 Adios, Carenage

In idle August, while the sea soft,
and leaves of brown islands stick to the rim
of this Carribean, I blow out the light
by the dreamless face of Maria Concepcion
to ship as a seaman on the schooner Flight.
Out in the yard turning gray in the dawn,
I stood like a stone and nothing else move
but the cold sea rippling like galvanize
and the nail holes of stars in ...Read more of this...

by Walcott, Derek
...seless torrent of dust 
that carried the shacks of the poor, to their root-rock music, 
down the gullies of Yallahs and August Town, 
to lodge them on thorns of maca, with their rags 
crucified by cactus, tins, old tires, cartons; 
from the black Warieka Hills the sky glowed fierce as 
the dials of a million radios, 
a throbbing sunset that glowed like a grid 
where the dread beat rose from the jukebox of Kingston. 
He saw the fountains dried of quadrilles, the water-musi...Read more of this...

by Byron, George (Lord)


'Sir,' replied Michael, 'you mistake; these things 
Are of a former life, and what we do 
Above is more august; to judge of kings 
Is the tribunal met: so now you know.' 
'Then I presume those gentlemen with wings,' 
Said Wilkes, 'are cherubs; and that soul below 
Looks much like George the Third, but to my mind 
A good deal older — Bless me! is he blind?' 


'He is what you behold him, and his doom 
Depends upon his deeds,' the Angel said; 
'If you ...Read more of this...

by Bronte, Charlotte thee, my heart beat warm, 
And tranquil slept my mind. 

So now­nor foot-sore nor opprest
With walking all this August day,
I taste a heaven in this brief rest,
This gipsy-halt beside the way.
England's wild flowers are fair to view,
Like balm is England's summer dew,
Like gold her sunset ray. 

But the white violets, growing here,
Are sweeter than I yet have seen,
And ne'er did dew so pure and clear
Distil on forest mosses green,
As now, called forth by summe...Read more of this...

by Kipling, Rudyard
E'en let them die at blasphemy
 And perish with their arts;
But we that love, but we that prove
 Thine excellence august,
While we adore discover more
 Thee perfect, wise, and just.

Since spoken word Man's Spirit stirred
 Beyond his belly-need,
What is is Thine of fair design
 In thought and craft and deed;
Each stroke aright of toil and fight,
 That was and that shall be,
And hope too high, wherefore we die,
 Has birth and worth in Thee.

Who holds by Thee hat...Read more of this...

by Brautigan, Richard wasn't even enough money to buy him a truss.

So he stayed home and became a Kool-Aid wino.

 One morning in August I went over to his house. He was

still in bed. He looked up at me from underneath a tattered

revolution of old blankets. He had never slept under a sheet

in his life.

"Did you bring the nickel you promised?" he asked.

"Yeah, " I said. "It's here in my pocket. "

"Good. "

 He hopped out of bed and he was already dr...Read more of this...

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