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Famous Apothecary Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Apothecary poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous apothecary poems. These examples illustrate what a famous apothecary poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Burns, Robert
...’d the heart
 Of a kail-runt.

“I drew my scythe in sic a fury,
I near-hand cowpit wi’ my hurry,
But yet the bauld Apothecary
 Withstood the shock;
I might as weel hae tried a quarry
 O’ hard whin rock.

“Ev’n them he canna get attended,
Altho’ their face he ne’er had kend it,
Just —— in a kail-blade, an’ sent it,
 As soon’s he smells ’t,
Baith their disease, and what will mend it,
 At once he tells ’t.

“And then, a’ doctor’s saws an’ whittles,
Of a’ dimension...Read More

by Browning, Elizabeth Barrett
...utenant looking down sometimes
From the empyrean to assure their souls
Against chance-vulgarisms, and, in the abyss
The apothecary, looked on once a year
To prove their soundness of humility.
The poor-club exercised her Christian gifts
Of knitting stockings, stitching petticoats,
Because we are of one flesh after all
And need one flannel (with a proper sense
Of difference in the quality) -- and still
The book-club, guarded from your modern trick
Of shaking dangerous quest...Read More

by Smart, Christopher

Let Sharai rejoice with Honey-flower. 

Let Shashai rejoice with Smyrnium. 

Let Hananiah the son of an apothecary rejoice with Bdellium. 

Let Hassenaah rejoice with the White Beet. God be gracious to Hasse and all musicians. 

Let Hachaliah rejoice with Muscus Arboreus. 

Let Sanballat rejoice with Ground Moss found sometimes on human skulls. 

Let Col-hozeh rejoice with Myrobalans, Bellerica, Chebula, Citrina, Emblica and Indica. 

L...Read More

by Belieu, Erin or did not have.

But let the record show
that I was happy.

O let the hideous chair

stand! For the Chinese apothecary
with his roots and fluids;
for Paoul at the bank;

for the young woman in Bailey's Drug,
expert on henna; and Warren Beatty,
tough, sleek stray. For Fluff and Flo,

drunk at noon, and the Am Vets lady
reading her Vogue, the cholos
on the corner where the 57 bus comes by,

for their gratifying, cool appraisal
and courtly manner when I pass....Read More

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