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Famous Antidote Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Antidote poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous antidote poems. These examples illustrate what a famous antidote poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Burns, Robert
The moral man he does define,
 But ne’er a word o’ faith in
 That’s right that day.

In guid time comes an antidote
 Against sic poison’d nostrum;
For Peebles, 5 frae the water-fit,
 Ascends the holy rostrum:
See, up he’s got, the word o’ God,
 An’ meek an’ mim has view’d it,
While Common-sense has taen the road,
 An’ aff, an’ up the Cowgate 6
 Fast, fast that day.

Wee Miller 7 neist the guard relieves,
 An’ Orthodoxy raibles,
Tho’ in his heart he weel beli...Read more of this...

by Robinson, Edwin Arlington
‘Time is at once,’ he says, to startle us, 
‘A poison for us, if we make it so, 
And, if we make it so, an antidote
For the same poison that afflicted us.’ 
I’m witness to the poison, but the cure 
Of my complaint is not, for me, in Time. 
There may be doctors in eternity 
To deal with it, but they are not here now.
There’s no specific for my three diseases 
That I could swallow, even if I should find it, 
And I shall never find it here on earth.”...Read more of this...

by Emerson, Ralph Waldo
Open and flow. 50 

Pour Bacchus! the remembering wine; 
Retrieve the loss of me and mine! 
Vine for vine be antidote  
And the grape requite the lote! 
Haste to cure the old despair; 55 
Reason in Nature's lotus drench'd¡ª 
The memory of ages quench'd¡ª 
Give them again to shine; 
Let wine repair what this undid; 
And where the infection slid 60 
A dazzling memory revive; 
Refresh the faded tints  
Recut the ag¨¨d prints  
And write my old adventures wi...Read more of this...

by Khayyam, Omar
miles away from the ignorant. If a man of mind
give thee poison, drink it; if an ignorant one present
thee an antidote, pour it upon the ground....Read more of this...

by Henley, William Ernest
O Vanity of Vanities!

Alike are clods and earls.
For sot, and seer, and swain,
For emperors and for churls,
For antidote and bane,
There is but one refrain:
But one for king and thrall,
For David and for Saul,
For fleet of foot and lame,
For pieties and profanities,
The picture and the frame:--
"O Vanity of Vanities!"

Life is a smoke that curls--
Curls in a flickering skein,
That winds and whisks and whirls,
A figment thin and vain,
Into the vast Inane.
One end f...Read more of this...

by Hardy, Thomas
...d note
Of a ripple under archways, or a lone cave's stillicide:

"We have triumphed: this achievement turns the bane to antidote,
Unsuccesses to success,
Many thought-worn eves and morrows to a morrow free of thought.

"No more need we corn and clothing, feel of old terrestrial stress;
Chill detraction stirs no sigh;
Fear of death has even bygone us: death gave all that we possess."

W. D.--"Ye mid burn the wold bass-viol that I set such vallie by."
Squire...Read more of this...

by Rossetti, Christina
...(Men sell not such in any town;)
Would tell them how her sister stood
In deadly peril to do her good,
And win the fiery antidote:
Then joining hands to little hands
Would bid them cling together,
"For there is no friend like a sister,
In calm or stormy weather,
To cheer one on the tedious way,
To fetch one if one goes astray,
To lift one if one totters down,
To strengthen whilst one stands."...Read more of this...

by Dickinson, Emily
Is witnessed -- not explained --

'Twas a Divine Insanity --
The Danger to be Sane
Should I again experience --
'Tis Antidote to turn --

To Tomes of solid Witchcraft --
Magicians be asleep --
But Magic -- hath an Element
Like Deity -- to keep --...Read more of this...

by Khayyam, Omar a kinsman;
but if a kinsman endeavors to betray you, regard
him as an enemy. If poison cures you, consider it an
antidote, and if the antidote does not agree with you,
regard it as a poison....Read more of this...

by Khayyam, Omar
...Is a friend faithless? spurn him as a foe;
Upon trustworthy foes respect bestow;
Hold healing poison for an antidote,
And baneful sweets for deadly eisel know....Read more of this...

by Paterson, Andrew Barton
Where the adder and the viper tear each other by the throat,— 
There it was that William Johnson sought his snake-bite antidote. 
Johnson was a free-selector, and his brain went rather *****, 
For the constant sight of serpents filled him with a deadly fear; 
So he tramped his free-selection, morning, afternoon, and night, 
Seeking for some great specific that would cure the serpent’s bite. 
Till King Billy, of the Mooki, chieftain of the flour-bag head, 
Told him, “...Read more of this...

by Smart, Christopher
...Scythian Stag -- he is beef and breeches against want and nakedness. 

Let Achsah rejoice with the Pigeon who is an antidote to malignity and will carry a letter. 

Let Tohu rejoice with the Grouse -- the Lord further the cultivating of heaths and the peopling of deserts. 

Let Hillel rejoice with Ammodytes, whose colour is deceitful and he plots against the pilgrim's feet. 

Let Eli rejoice with Leucon -- he is an honest fellow, which is a rarity. 

Let J...Read more of this...

by Smart, Christopher
...e. Lord have mercy on William Hunter his family. 

Let Graves, house of Graves rejoice with Cinnaris the Stag's antidote -- the persecuted Christian is as the hunted stag. 

Let Tombs, house of Tombs rejoice with Acesis Water Sage -- God be gracious to Christopher Charles Tombs. 

Let Addy, house of Addy rejoice with Crysippea a kind of herb so called from the discoverer. 

Let Jump, house of Jump rejoice with Zoster a Sea-Shrub. Blessed be the name of...Read more of this...

by Meredith, George
...thing never dead, 
Still frets, though Nature giveth all she can. 
It means, that woman is not, I opine, 
Her sex's antidote. Who seeks the asp 
For serpent's bites? 'Twould calm me could I clasp 
Shrieking Bacchantes with their souls of wine!...Read more of this...

by Khayyam, Omar
...Never in this false world on friends rely
(I give this counsel confidentially),
Put up with pain, and seek no antidote,
Endure your grief, and ask no sympathy!...Read more of this...

by Khayyam, Omar
...our existence disappear. Drink wine, my
friend, for sages have well said that grief in this world
is a poison and its antidote is wine....Read more of this...

by von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang
...Its trunk deserved.

Yet the strength of its nature
To Earth's exhausting avarice,
To Air's destructive inroads,
An antidote opposed.

See how it in springtime
Coins its pale green leaves!
Their orange-fragrance
Poisons each flyblow straight.

The caterpillar's tooth
Is blunted by them;
With silv'ry hues they gleam
In the bright sunshine,

Its twigs the maiden
Fain would twine in
Her bridal-garland;
Youths its fruit are seeking.

See, the autumn cometh!
The ca...Read more of this...

by Laurence Dunbar, Paul
...of spring,
Lost in the chill of grim November rain,
Would I could read the message that you bring
And find in it the antidote for pain.
Does some sad spirit out beyond the day,
Far looking to the hours forever dead,
Send you a tender offering to lay
Upon the grave of us, the living dead?
Or does some brighter spirit, unforlorn,
Send you, my little sister of the wood,
To say to some one on a cloudful morn,
"Life lives through death, my brother, all is good?"
With m...Read more of this...

by Khayyam, Omar
...ravish the heart with the color of their cheeks.
Art thou bitten by the serpent of grief, friend—drink, then,
of this antidote. I myself drink of it and plume myself
on the strength of it; would that it might be propitious!
If you drink it not, why not be willing that I should?
Go, eat some earth....Read more of this...

by Khayyam, Omar
...spring-tide has begun,
Soon will the pages of life's book be done!
Well saith the sage, «Life is a poison rank,
And antidote, save grape-juice, there is none.»...Read more of this...

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