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Famous Anthology Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Anthology poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous anthology poems. These examples illustrate what a famous anthology poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Tebb, Barry
...e legion. What’s this

You’re saying about fashion?

Others follow where I lead,

Schoolchildren copy my verse,

No anthology omits me

Put me down! Put me down!

George Barker was too far gone

To take them on

And moaned about a list

In a crystal cave of making beneath

The basement of the Regent Street


Edith Sitwell was rigid in a carved

High-backed chair, regally aloof,

Her ringed fingers gripping the arms,

Her eyes flashing diamonds of contempt...Read More

by Harcombe, Dale
...ublished Central Western Daily January 12, 1996
recently republished in ‘On Common Water’ the Ginninderra 10th birthday anthology...Read More

by Tebb, Barry
...e fewer got bought.

Belatedly I found a poem of yours ‘Leeds 2’

In ‘Flashpoint’, a paint-stained worn out

School anthology from 1962. Out of the blue

I wrote to you but the letter came back ‘Gone away

N.F.A.’ then I tried again and had a marvellous letter back

Full of stories of the great and good and all their private sins,

You knew where the bodies were buried.

Who put the knife in, who slept with who

For what reward. They never could sh...Read More

by Dunn, Stephen
...going on
with and without him, moles humping up
the ground near the daffodils, a mockingbird
publishing its cacaphonous anthology,
and those little Calvinists, the ants,
making it all the more difficult
for a person in America
to close his office, skip to the beach.
But what this scene needs are wisteria
and persimmons, thinks the woman
sunning herself absentmindedly on the rock,
a few magnificent words that one
might want to eat if one were a lover
of words, the hell wit...Read More

by Harcombe, Dale
...g as a promise.

© November 2002 Dale Harcombe 
First published in ‘My cat cannot have friends in Australia,’ the anthology of the 2004 Wollongong poetry workshop....Read More

by Seeger, Alan
...Thy petals yet are closely curled, 
Rose of the world, 
Around their scented, golden core; 
Nor yet has Summer purpled o'er 
Thy tender clusters that begin 
To swell within 
The dewy vine-leaves' early screen 
Of sheltering green. 

O hearts that are Love's helpless prey, 
While yet you may, 
Fly, ere the shaft is on the string! 
The fire that now is ...Read More

by Tebb, Barry
...To Simon Jenner

NO ARMITAGE (I’d like to see his rage)

NO DUHIG (one dig long overdue)

NO GREENLAW (M & S might sue)

NO IMLAH (ditto the TLS)


(Tuma’s not haggis-crazy)

NO CONSTANTINE (who’ll miss his donnish whine?)

NO LONGLEY (the QMP tick didn’t do the trick)

NO PORTER (long overdue for slaughter)


by Collins, Billy
...It seems these poets have nothing
up their ample sleeves
they turn over so many cards so early,
telling us before the first line
whether it is wet or dry,
night or day, the season the man is standing in,
even how much he has had to drink.

Maybe it is autumn and he is looking at a sparrow.
Maybe it is snowing on a town with a beautiful name.

"...Read More

by Stevens, Wallace
340 And dark Brazilians in their caf¨¦s, 
341 Musing immaculate, pampean dits, 
342 Should scrawl a vigilant anthology, 
343 To be their latest, lucent paramour. 
344 These are the broadest instances. Crispin, 
345 Progenitor of such extensive scope, 
346 Was not indifferent to smart detail. 
347 The melon should have apposite ritual, 
348 Performed in verd apparel, and the peach, 
349 When its black branches came to bud, belle day, 
350 Should ...Read More

by Lehman, David She gave him prudery in adults. 
He gave her Panic Hill. She gave him Mirror Lake. 
He gave her an anthology of drum solos. She gave him the rattle of leaves in 
 the wind....Read More

by Tebb, Barry
...nfinitely worse whole weekend of

‘Steps towards a personal fiction in post-modern diction’;

And the inevitable course anthology, eight pounds for eleven

Nameless poets Pascale Petit and Mimi Kahlvati carefully selected

From, well honestly! Who cares? God only knows how banal they’re

Bound to be. Budding Roddy Lumsdens, (Has anyone read a Roddy


Poem?) “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” his first collection short-listed here and

 there -

The sheer hype’s enough to put me...Read More

by Padel, Ruth
...> Her letter was a gate to the inferno.
(This poem appeared in Pushkin: An Anthology, ed. E. Feinstein, Carcanet 1999)...Read More

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