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Aleksandr Blok Poems

A collection of select Aleksandr Blok famous poems that were written by Aleksandr Blok or written about the poet by other famous poets. PoetrySoup is a comprehensive educational resource of the greatest poems and poets on history.

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by Walcott, Derek
 1 Adios, Carenage

In idle August, while the sea soft,
and leaves of brown islands stick to the rim
of this Carribean, I blow out the light
by the dreamless face of Maria...Read More

by Blok, Aleksandr
Our sons have gone 
to serve the Reds 
to serve the Reds 
to risk their heads! 

O bitter,bitter pain, 
Sweet living! 
A torn overcoat 
an Austrian gun! 

-To...Read More

by Blok, Aleksandr
 The restaurants on hot spring evenings
Lie under a dense and savage air.
Foul drafts and hoots from dunken revelers
Contaminate the thoroughfare. 
Above the dusty lanes of suburbia
Above the tedium of...Read More

by Blok, Aleksandr
 He, who was born in stagnant year 
Does not remember own way.
We, kids of Russia's years of fear,
Remember every night and day.

Years that burned everything to ashes!
Do you bring...Read More

by Blok, Aleksandr
 Don't fear death in earthly travels. 
Don't fear enemies or friends. 
Just listen to the words of prayers, 
To pass the facets of the dreads. 

Your death will come...Read More

by Blok, Aleksandr
 We waited commonly for sleep or even death. 
The instances were wearisome as ages. 
But suddenly the wind's refreshing breath 
Touched through the window the Holy Bible's pages: 

An...Read More

by Blok, Aleksandr
 A girl sang a song in the temple's chorus, 
About men, tired in alien lands, 
About the ships that left native shores, 
And all who forgot their joy to...Read More

by Blok, Aleksandr
 I prefer the gorgeous freedom,
And I fly to lands of grace,
Where in wide and clear meadows
All is good, as dreams, and blest.
Here they rice: the clover clear,
And corn-flower's gentle...Read More

by Blok, Aleksandr
 The faithless shadows of day are running 
And high and clear is the call of bells, 
Steps of the church are blazed as with the lightning, 
Their stones are...Read More

by Blok, Aleksandr
 In your hidden memories 
There are fatal tidings of doom... 
A curse on sacred traditions, 
A desecration of happiness; 

And a power so alluring 
That I am ready to...Read More

by Blok, Aleksandr
 I wait for you. The years in silence pass 
And as the image, one, I wait for you again. 

The distance is in flame -- and clear one as...Read More

by Blok, Aleksandr
 The river stretched. It flows, idly grieves, 
And washes both banks. 
In steppe, above light clay of cliffs 
Rinks mourn in ranks. 

O Russia! Dear wife! With clearness and...Read More

by Blok, Aleksandr
 On waters, spread without end, 
Dressed with the sunset so purple, 
It sings and prophesies for land, 
Unable to lift the smashed wings' couple... 
The charge of Tartars' hordes...Read More

by Blok, Aleksandr
 Halls grew darker and somehow faded. 
Grates of windows drowned in black. 
Every knight, every beautiful lady 
Knew the tiding: "The Queen's deadly sick." 

And the king, very silent...Read More