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Famous Afoot Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Afoot poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous afoot poems. These examples illustrate what a famous afoot poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Carman, Bliss
By swale and hill 
I see their gipsy signs, 
Trespassing somewhere on my border lines; 
With what designs? 

I forth afoot; but when I reach the place, 
Hardly a trace, 
Save the soft purple haze 
Of smouldering camp-fires, any hint betrays 
Who went these ways. 

Or tatters of pale aster blue, descried 
By the roadside, 
Reveal whither they fled; 
Or the swamp maples, here and there a shred 
Of Indian red. 

But most of all, the marvellous tapestry 
Engrosses me, ...Read More

by Pound, Ezra
Pitiful spirit. And I cried in hurried speech:
"Elpenor, how art thou come to this dark coast?
"Cam'st thou afoot, outstripping seamen?"
 And he in heavy speech:
"Ill fate and abundant wine. I slept in Crice's ingle.
"Going down the long ladder unguarded,
"I fell against the buttress,
"Shattered the nape-nerve, the soul sought Avernus.
"But thou, O King, I bid remember me, unwept, unburied,
"Heap up mine arms, be tomb by sea-bord, and inscribed:
"A man...Read More

by Cavafy, Constantine P
...nt because, naturally,
it's not going to last forever.
We've had good news: if something doesn't come
of what's now afoot in Smyrna,
then in April our friends are sure to move from Epiros,
so one way or another, our plans are definitely working out,
and we'll easily overthrow Basil.
And when we do, at last our turn will come....Read More

by Seeger, Alan
...d in dewy grass at dawn, 
Me, from sweet slumber underneath green boughs, 
Ere the stars flee may forest matins rouse, 
Afoot when the great sun in amber floods 
Pours horizontal through the steaming woods 
And windless fumes from early chimneys start 
And many a cock-crow cheers the traveller's heart 
Eager for aught the coming day afford 
In hills untopped and valleys unexplored. 
Give me the white road into the world's ends, 
Lover of roadside hazard, roadside friends,...Read More

by Robinson, Edwin Arlington
...of long ago, 
Frowned as he thought, and having frowned again, 
He smiled and threw an acorn at a lizard:
“There’s more afoot and in the air to-day 
Than what is good for Camelot. Merlin 
May or may not know all, but he said well 
To say to me that he would not be King. 
Nor more would I be King.” Far down he gazed
On Camelot, until he made of it 
A phantom town of many stillnesses, 
Not reared for men to dwell in, or for kings 
To reign in, without omens and obsc...Read More

by Kipling, Rudyard
I am alone on the grazing-grounds. Gray Brother,
 come to me! Come to me, Lone Wolf, for there
 is big game afoot.
Bring up the great bull-buffaloes, the blue-skinned
 herd-bulls with the angry eyes. Drive them to
 and fro as I order.
Sleepest thou still, Shere Khan? Wake, O wake!
 Here come I, and the bulls are behind.
Rama, the King of the Buffaloes, stamped with his
 foot. Waters of the Waingunga, whither went
 Shere Khan?
He is not Ikki to ...Read More

by Drinkwater, John love, are these.
VII 	Never the heart of spring had trembled so
As on that day when first in Paradise
We went afoot as novices to know
For the first time what blue was in the skies,
What fresher green than any in the grass,
And how the sap goes beating to the sun,
And tell how on the clocks of beauty pass
Minute by minute till the last is done.
But not the new birds singing in the brake,
And not the buds of our discovery,
The deeper blue, the wilder gree...Read More

by Meredith, George
...vast underhum. 
A City clothed in snow and soot, 
With lamps for day in ghostly rows, 
Breaks to the scene of hosts afoot, 
The river that reflective flows: 
And there did fog down crypts of street 
Play spectre upon eye and mouth:-- 
Their faces are a glass to greet 
This magic of the whirl for South. 
A burly joy each creature swells 
With sound of its own hungry quest; 
Earth has to fill her empty wells, 
And speed the service of the nest; 
The phantom of the snow-...Read More

by Collins, Billy
...m listening hard
in the grandiose silence of the snow,
trying to hear what those three girls are plotting,
what riot is afoot,
which small queen is about to be brought down....Read More

by Whittier, John Greenleaf
...ed ravine, 
And woodland paths that wound between 
Low drooping pine-boughs winter-weighed. 
From every barn a team afoot, 
At every house a new recruit, 
Where, drawn by Nature's subtlest law, 
Haply the watchful young men saw 
Sweet doorway pictures of the curls 
And curious eyes of merry girls, 
Lifting their hands in mock defence 
Against the snow-ball's compliments, 
And reading in each missive tost 
The charm with Eden never lost. 

We heard once more the sleigh...Read More

by Whitman, Walt
...asts leave me—I travel—I sail—my elbows rest in
 the sea-gaps; 
I skirt the sierras—my palms cover continents; 
I am afoot with my vision. 

By the city’s quadrangular houses—in log huts—camping with
Along the ruts of the turnpike—along the dry gulch and rivulet bed; 
Weeding my onion-patch, or hoeing rows of carrots and parsnips—crossing
 savannas—trailing in forests; 
Prospecting—gold-digging—girdling the trees of a new purchase; 
Scorch’d ankle-d...Read More

by Whitman, Walt
AFOOT and light-hearted, I take to the open road, 
Healthy, free, the world before me, 
The long brown path before me, leading wherever I choose. 

Henceforth I ask not good-fortune—I myself am good fortune; 
Henceforth I whimper no more, postpone no more, need nothing,
Strong and content, I travel the open road. 

The earth—that is sufficient; 
I do...Read More

by Hopkins, Gerard Manley
...Round and round they came and flashed towards heaven: O there,
There they did appeal. Therefore airy vengeances
Are afoot; heaven-vault fast purpling portends, and what first lightning
Any instant falls means me. And I do not repent;
I do not and I will not repent, not repent.
The blame bear who aroused me. What I have done violent
I have like a lion done, lionlike done,
Honouring an uncontrolled royal wrathful nature,
Mantling passion in a grandeur, crimson g...Read More

by Sandburg, Carl
And murmured to a watchguard:
"Who goes there?"
"Twenty-one million men,
Soldiers, armies, guns,
Twenty-one million
Afoot, horseback,
In the air,
Under the sea."
And Napoleon turned to his sleep:
"It is not my world answering;
It is some dreamer who knows not
The world I marched in
From Calais to Moscow."
And he slept on
In the old sarcophagus
While the aeroplanes
Droned their motors
Between Napoleon's mausoleum
And the cool night stars....Read More

by Lanier, Sidney

And thar was Jones, standin' out at the fence, 
And he hadn't no waggin, nor mules, nor tents, 
Fur he had left Texas afoot and cum 
To Georgy to see if he couldn't git sum 
Employment, and he was a lookin' as hum- 
Ble as ef he had never owned any land. 

But Brown he axed him in, and he sot 
Him down to his vittles smokin' hot, 
And when he had filled hisself and the floor 
Brown looked at him sharp and riz and swore 
That, "whether men's land was rich or poor 
Thar w...Read More

by Chesterton, G K
...slaves in arms,
And the strange spears hung with ancient charms
Of Colan of the Usk.

With one whole farm marching afoot
The trampled road resounds,
Farm-hands and farm-beasts blundering by
And jars of mead and stores of rye,
Where Eldred strode above his high
And thunder-throated hounds.

And grey cattle and silver lowed
Against the unlifted morn,
And straw clung to the spear-shafts tall.
And a boy went before them all
Blowing a ram's horn.

As mocking such ...Read More

by Yeats, William Butler
...e Brown Bull.

She turned away; he turned again to sleep
That no god troubled now, and, wondering
What matters were afoot among the Sidhe,
Maeve walked through that great hall, and with a sigh
Lifted the curtain of her sleeping-room,
Remembering that she too had seemed divine
To many thousand eyes, and to her own
One that the generations had long waited
That work too difficult for mortal hands
Might be accomplished, Bunching the curtain up
She saw her husband Ailell sleep...Read More

by Hardy, Thomas

“Engaging Bl?cher till the Emperor put 
Lord Wellington to flight, 
And next the Prussians. This to set afoot 
Is my emprise to-night.” 

I joined him in the mist; but, pausing, sought
To estimate his say, 
Grouchy had made for Wavre; and yet, on thought, 
I did not lead that way. 

I mused: “If Grouchy thus instructed be, 
The clash comes sheer hereon;
My farm is stript. While, as for pieces three, 
Money the French have none. 

“Grouchy unwar...Read More

by Lindsay, Vachel
...athers of old.
No longer our wounds made us weak,
No longer our pulses were cold.
Though half of my troops were afoot,
(For the great who had borne them were slain)
We dreamed we were tigers, and leaped
And foamed with that vision insane.
We cried "We are soldiers of doom,
Sabres of glory and doom."
We wreathed the king of the mammoths
In the tiger-leaves' terrible bloom.
We flattered the king of the mammoths,
Loud-rattling sabres and spears.
The...Read More

by Pound, Ezra
...e city
they are played on by diverse forces.
How do I know?
Oh, I know well enough.
For them there is something afoot.
As for me;
I had over-prepared the event - 

Beauty is so rare a thing.
So few drink of my fountain.

Two friends: a breath of the forest. . . 
Friends? Are people less friends
because one has just, at last, found them?
Twice they promised to come.

"Between the night and the morning?"
Beauty would drink of my mind.
You...Read More

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