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Famous Actress Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Actress poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous actress poems. These examples illustrate what a famous actress poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Lindsay, Vachel

(After seeing the reel called "Oil and Water.")

Beauty has a throne-room
In our humorous town,
Spoiling its hob-goblins,
Laughing shadows down.
Rank musicians torture
Ragtime ballads vile,
But we walk serenely
Down the odorous aisle.
We forgive the squalor
And the boom and squeal
For the Great Queen flashes
From the moving reel.

J...Read More

by Whitman, Walt the giver, and comes back most to him—it cannot fail; 
The oration is to the orator, the acting is to the actor and actress, not to the audience;
And no man understands any greatness or goodness but his own, or the indication of his

I swear the earth shall surely be complete to him or her who shall be complete! 
I swear the earth remains jagged and broken only to him or her who remains jagged and
I swear there is no greatness or power that does no...Read More

by Sandburg, Carl
...en five hopes go in five years: one woman, one child, and three dreams.
A little one carried in a leather box by an actress rides with her to hotels and is under her pillow in a sleeping-car between one-night stands.
One hoists a phiz over a railroad station; it points numbers to people a quarter-mile away who believe it when other clocks fail.
And of course … there are wrist watches over the pulses of airmen eager to go to France…...Read More

by Duhamel, Denise
on channel 56. I liked to imagine that she slipped
into the screen, bumping Shirley with her hip
so that child actress slid out of frame, into the tubes
and wires that made the TV sputter when I turned it on.
Sometimes when I watched, I'd see Crater Face
tap-dancing with tall black men whose eyes
looked shiny, like the whites of hard-boiled eggs.
I'd try to imagine that her block was full
of friendly folk, with a lighthouse or goats
running in the street....Read More

by Whitman, Walt
...ame life with the rest, the same old laughing, gnawing, sleeping,
Play’d the part that still looks back on the actor or actress, 
The same old role, the role that is what we make it, as great as we like, 
Or as small as we like, or both great and small. 

Closer yet I approach you; 
What thought you have of me, I had as much of you—I laid in my stores in advance;
I consider’d long and seriously of you before you were born. 

Who was to know what should come home to ...Read More

by Lindsay, Vachel

The arts are old, old as the stones
From which man carved the sphinx austere.
Deep are the days the old arts bring:
Ten thousand years of yesteryear.


She is madonna in an art
As wild and young as her sweet eyes:
A frail dew flower from this hot lamp
That is today's divine surprise.

Despite raw lights and gloating mobs
She is not seare...Read More

by Frost, Robert
...d), and
Franconia laughs, I fear—-did laugh that night­--
At Easton. What has Easton left to laugh at,
And like the actress exclaim "Oh, my God" at?
There's Bungey; and for Bungey there are towns,
Whole townships named but without population.

Anything I can say about New Hampshire
Will serve almost as well about Vermont,
Excepting that they differ in their mountains.
The Vermont mountains stretch extended straight;
New Hampshire mountains Curl up in a coil.

...Read More

by Whitman, Walt
...ove! a gay gang of blackguards! with mirth-shouting music, and wild-flapping
 pennants of

I am the actor, the actress, the voter, the politician; 
The emigrant and the exile, the criminal that stood in the box, 
He who has been famous, and he who shall be famous after to-day, 
The stammerer, the well-form’d person, the wasted or feeble person.

I am she who adorn’d herself and folded her hair expectantly, 
My truant lover has come, and it is dark. 

Double...Read More

by Nin, Anais
...e. That night, in spite of my response to her, she sought to be whatever she felt I wanted her to be. She is an actress every moment. I cannot grasp the core of June. Everything Henry has said about her is true." 

I wanted to run out and kiss her fanatastic beauty and say: 'June, you have killed my sincerity too. I will never know again who I am, what I am, what I love, what I want. Your beauty has drowned me, the core of me. You carry away wi...Read More

by Lawson, Henry
...r, as down the spur we go--- 

The green sweeps to horizons blue that call for Cobb and Co. 

We take a bright girl actress through western dust and damps, 

To bear the home-world message, and sing for sinful camps, 

To stir our hearts and break them, wind hearts that hope and ache--- 

(Ah! When she thinks again of these her own must nearly break!) 

Five miles this side of the gold-field, a loud, triumphant shout: 

Five hundred cheering diggers have snatched the hors...Read More

by Duhamel, Denise
...and they
always found good food in the dumpsters at least they could eat pizza and 
candy and not meat loaf the runaway actress was Sally Field or at least
someone who looked like Sally Field as a teenager the Flying Nun propelled 
by the huge wings on the sides of her wimple Arnold the Pig getting drafted
in Green Acres my understanding then of Vietnam I read Go Ask Alice and 
The Peter Pan Bag books that were designed to keep a young girl home but 
there were the sex scenes...Read More

by Lindsay, Vachel

(On hearing she was leaving the moving-pictures for the stage.)

Mary Pickford, doll divine,
Year by year, and every day
At the movmg-picture play,
You have been my valentine.

Once a free-limbed page in hose,
Baby-Rosalind in flower,
Cloakless, shrinking, in that hour
How our reverent passion rose,
How our fine desire you won.
Kitchen-...Read More

by Parker, Dorothy him down to tell
The local press that something should be done
About that noisy nuisance, Gabriel.

VI. The Actress

Her name, cut clear upon this marble cross,
Shines, as it shone when she was still on earth;
While tenderly the mild, agreeable moss
Obscures the figures of her date of birth....Read More

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