The Premier and the Socialist

 The Premier and the Socialist 
Were walking through the State: 
They wept to see the Savings Bank 
Such funds accumulate.
"If these were only cleared away," They said, "it would be great.
" "If three financial amateurs Controlled them for a year, Do you suppose," the Premier said, "That they would get them clear?" "I think so," said the Socialist; "They would -- or very near!" "If we should try to raise some cash On assets of our own, Do you suppose," the Premier said, "That we could float a loan?" "I doubt it," said the Socialist, And groaned a doleful groan.
"Oh, Savings, come and walk with us!" The Premier did entreat; "A little walk, a little talk, Away from Barrack Street; My Socialistic friend will guide Your inexperienced feet.
" "We do not think," the Savings said, "A socialistic crank, Although he chance just now to hold A legislative rank, Can teach experienced Banking men The way to run a Bank.
" The Premier and the Socialist They passed an Act or so To take the little Savings out And let them have a blow.
"We'll teach the Banks," the Premier said, "The way to run the show.
"There's Tom Waddell -- in Bank finance Can show them what is what.
I used to prove not long ago His Estimates were rot.
But that -- like many other things -- I've recently forgot.
"Advances on a dried-out farm Are what we chiefly need, And loaned to friends of Ms.
Are very good, indeed, See how the back-block Cockatoos Are rolling up to feed.
" "But not on us," the Savings cried, Falling a little flat, "We didn't think a man like you Would do a thing like that; For most of us are very small, And none of us are fat.
" "This haughty tone," the Premier said, "Is not the proper line; Before I'd be dictated to My billet I'd resign!" "How brightly," said the Socialist, "Those little sovereigns shine.
" The Premier and the Socialist They had their bit of fun; They tried to call the Savings back But answer came there none, Because the back-block Cockatoos Had eaten every one.

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