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A Sehra poem is a type of a Muslim poem that depicts the traditions of the Muslim communities that live in South East Asia particularly the Hyderabad and the Uttar Pradesh. The Sehra song is performed particularly during the Muslim wedding (nikah) which are inclined towards praising the groom and wishing him Gods blessing and happy marriage life. The Sehra poem cannot be said to be confined to the subject matter for only folk songs, some prominent poets like Zauq of the Urdu have composed the Sehra. Literature defines the Sehra a form of nazm and groups in the Urdu poetry genre. However, there are no specifications for the Sehra, the rhyme scheme is required to be present, and the meter should be the same. In popular culture, the Sehra is present on Urdu Razia Sultana film. However, that particular Sehra was played exclusively by men which is the opposite of the traditions of the recent past. 

Sehra or prothalamion is a poem sung at a nikah (Muslim wedding) in praise of the groom, praying to God for his future wedded life. Sehra is not the subject matter of folk songs alone, some of the prominent Urdu poets like Mirza Ghalib, Zauq and even Bahadur Shah Zafar too have composed sehras.

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