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A Seharaa is a type of poem, also known as a Sehra, that is strictly created for nikah (In Islamic law, marriage is called nikah). At Muslim weddings, there is always a poem or song that is recited to honor the groom, and it is what is called the Seharaa or Sehra. The sisters of the groom usually perform this poem. The Seharaa poem is part of the Urdu Poetry which are poems that have roots from South Asia Arabic speaking countries. The features of the Seharaa are not complicated as one might be led to believe. First, the end of each line must rhyme with the other lines. Second, the lines must consist of the same length. Last but not least, the Seharaa’s are entertaining and exciting to listen to, and almost all the Muslim weddings from the region mentioned earlier have a Seharaa performed at them. 

A song sung at the time of tying the seharaa during the wedding ceremony. It is usually in praise of the bride/groom and their relatives.

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