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Sapphic Definition

Classical Greek stanza used by the lyric poetess Sappho and comprising of four unrhymed lines. The first three lines are written in trochaic pentameter except for the third foot which is a dactyl. The fourth line has only two feet: a dactyl and a trochee.

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Other Sapphic Definition

[adj] of female homosexuality


homosexual, lesbian

Misc. Definitions

\Sap"phic\, a. [L. Sapphicus, Gr. ?, fr. ? Sappho.]
1. Of or pertaining to Sappho, the Grecian poetess; as, Sapphic odes; Sapphic verse.
2. (Pros.) Belonging to, or in the manner of, Sappho; -- said of a certain kind of verse reputed to have been invented by Sappho, consisting of five feet, of which the first, fourth, and fifth are trochees, the second is a spondee, and the third a dactyl.
\Sap"phic\, n. (Pros.) A Sapphic verse.

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