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\Sal\ (s[add]l), n. [Hind. s[=a]l, Skr. [,c][=a]la.] (Bot.) An East Indian timber tree ({Shorea robusta}), much used for building purposes. It is of a light brown color, close-grained, heavy, and durable. [Written also {saul}.]
\Sal\ (s[a^]l), n. [L. See {Salt}.] (Chem. & Pharm.) Salt. {Sal absinthii} [NL.] (Old Chem.), an impure potassium carbonate obtained from the ashes of wormwood ({Artemisia Absinthium}). {Sal acetosell[ae]} [NL.] (Old Chem.), salt of sorrel. {Sal alembroth}. (Old Chem.) See {Alembroth}. {Sal ammoniac} (Chem.), ammonium chloride, {NH4Cl}, a white crystalline volatile substance having a sharp salty taste, obtained from gas works, from nitrogenous matter, etc. It is largely employed as a source of ammonia, as a reagent, and as an expectorant in bronchitis. So called because originally made from the soot from camel's dung at the temple of Jupiter Ammon in Africa. Called also {muriate of ammonia}. {Sal catharticus} [NL.] (Old Med. Chem.), Epsom salts. {Sal culinarius} [L.] (Old Chem.), common salt, or sodium chloride. {Sal Cyrenaicus}. [NL.] (Old Chem.) See {Sal ammoniac} above. {Sal de duobus}, {Sal duplicatum} [NL.] (Old Chem.), potassium sulphate; -- so called because erroneously supposed to be composed of two salts, one acid and one alkaline. {Sal diureticus} [NL.] (Old Med. Chem.), potassium acetate. {Sal enixum} [NL.] (Old Chem.), acid potassium sulphate. {Sal gemm[ae]} [NL.] (Old Min.), common salt occuring native. {Sal Jovis} [NL.] (Old Chem.), salt tin, or stannic chloride; -- the alchemical name of tin being Jove. {Sal Martis} [NL.] (Old Chem.), green vitriol, or ferrous sulphate; -- the alchemical name of iron being Mars. {Sal microcosmicum} [NL.] (Old Chem.) See {Microcosmic salt}, under {Microcosmic}. {Sal plumbi} [NL.] (Old Chem.), sugar of lead. {Sal prunella}. (Old Chem.) See {Prunella salt}, under 1st {Prunella}. {Sal Saturni} [NL.] (Old Chem.), sugar of lead, or lead acetate; -- the alchemical name of lead being Saturn. {Sal sedativus} [NL.] (Old Chem.), sedative salt, or boric acid. {Sal Seignette} [F. seignette, sel de seignette] (Chem.), Rochelle salt. {Sal soda} (Chem.), sodium carbonate. See under {Sodium}. {Sal vitrioli} [NL.] (Old Chem.), white vitriol; zinc sulphate. {Sal volatile}. [NL.] (a) (Chem.) See {Sal ammoniac}, above. (b) Spirits of ammonia.

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