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Sailor Definition

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Other Sailor Definition

[n] a stiff straw hat with a flat crown
[n] a serviceman in the navy
[n] any member of a ship's crew

Misc. Definitions

\Sail"or\, n. One who follows the business of navigating ships or other vessels; one who understands the practical management of ships; one of the crew of a vessel; a mariner; a common seaman. Syn: Mariner; seaman; seafarer. {Sailor's choice}. (Zo["o]l.) (a) An excellent marine food fish ({Diplodus, or Lagodon, rhomboides}) of the Southern United States; -- called also {porgy}, {squirrel fish}, {yellowtail}, and {salt-water bream}. (b) A species of grunt ({Orthopristis, or Pomadasys, chrysopterus}), an excellent food fish common on the southern coasts of the United States; -- called also {hogfish}, and {pigfish}.

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