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Recapture Definition

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Other Recapture Definition

[n] the act of taking something back
[n] a legal seizure by the government of profits beyond a fixed amount
[v] capture again, as of an escaped prisoner
[v] capture anew
[v] capture anew; "The author recaptures an old idea here"
[v] experience anew; "She could not recapture that feeling of happiness"
[v] take back by force, as after a battle; "The military forces managed to recapture the fort"


retake, retake, retaking

Misc. Definitions

\Re*cap"ture\ (?; 135), n.
1. The act of retaking or recovering by capture; especially, the retaking of a prize or goods from a captor.
2. That which is captured back; a prize retaken.
\Re*cap"ture\, v. t. To capture again; to retake.

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