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Provincial Definition

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Other Provincial Definition

[n] a country person
[adj] characteristic of the provinces or their people; "deeply provincial and conformist"; "in that well-educated company I felt uncomfortably provincial"; "narrow provincial attitudes"
[adj] of or associated with a province; "provincial government"



Misc. Definitions

\Pro*vin"cial\, a. [L. provincialis: cf. F. provincial. See {Province}, and cf. {Provencal}.]
1. Of or pertaining to province; constituting a province; as, a provincial government; a provincial dialect.
2. Exhibiting the ways or manners of a province; characteristic of the inhabitants of a province; not cosmopolitan; countrified; not polished; rude; hence, narrow; illiberal. ``Provincial airs and graces.'' --Macaulay.
3. Of or pertaining to an ecclesiastical province, or to the jurisdiction of an archbishop; not ecumenical; as, a provincial synod. --Ayliffe.
4. Of or pertaining to Provence; Provencal. [Obs.] With two Provincial roses on my razed shoes. --Shak.
\Pro*vin"cial\, n.
1. A person belonging to a province; one who is provincial.
2. (R. C. Ch.) A monastic superior, who, under the general of his order, has the direction of all the religious houses of the same fraternity in a given district, called a province of the order.

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