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[n] a nuclear reactor that uses controlled nuclear fission to generate energy
[n] the yarn (as in a rug or velvet) that stands up from the weave
[n] a column of wood or steel or concrete that is driven into the ground to provide support for a structure
[n] battery consisting of voltaic cells arranged in series; the earliest electric battery devised by Volta
[n] a collection of objects laid on top of each other
[n] informal: a large sum of money
[n] (often followed by `of') a large number or amount or extent; "a batch of letters"; "a deal of trouble"; "a lot of money"; "he made a mint on the stock market"; "it must have cost plenty"
[v] place or lay as if in a pile; "The teacher piled work on the students until the parents protested"
[v] arrange in stacks; "heap firewood around the fireplace"; "stack your books up on the shelves"
[v] press tightly together or cram; "The crowd packed the auditorium"

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