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Parody Definition

Imitation of a poem or another poet's style for comic/satiric effect. In Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Lewis Carroll's poem Old Father William is a parody of  The Old Man's Comforts by Robert Southey.

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Other Parody Definition

[n] humorous or satirical mimicry
[n] a composition that imitates somebody's style in a humorous way
[v] make a parody of; "The students spoofed the teachers"
[v] make a spoof of; make fun of

Misc. Definitions

\Par"o*dy\, n.; pl. {Parodies}. [L. parodia, Gr. ?; ? beside + ? a song: cf. F. parodie. See {Para-}, and {Ode}.]
1. A writing in which the language or sentiment of an author is mimicked; especially, a kind of literary pleasantry, in which what is written on one subject is altered, and applied to another by way of burlesque; travesty. The lively parody which he wrote . . . on Dryden's ``Hind and Panther'' was received with great applause. --Macaulay.
2. A popular maxim, adage, or proverb. [Obs.]
\Par"o*dy\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Parodied}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Parodying}.] [Cf. F. parodier.] To write a parody upon; to burlesque. I have translated, or rather parodied, a poem of Horace. --Pope.

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