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Parnassian Definition

Term coined by G.M.Hopkins to describe competent but uninspired poetry.

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Misc. Definitions

\Par*nas"sian\, a. [L. Parnassius.] Of or pertaining to Parnassus.
\Par*nas"sian\, n. [See {Parnassus}.] (Zo["o]l.) Any one of numerous species of butterflies belonging to the genus {Parnassius}. They inhabit the mountains, both in the Old World and in America.
\Par*nas"sian\, n. [F. parnassien.] One of a school of French poets of the Second Empire (1852-70) who emphasized metrical form and made the little use of emotion as poetic material; -- so called from the name (Parnasse contemporain) of the volume in which their first poems were collected in 1866.

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