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Panegyric Definition

Poem which praises or eulogizes something or someone.

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Other Panegyric Definition

[n] a formal expression of praise
[adj] formal expression of praise

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congratulations, kudos, praise

Misc. Definitions

\Pan`e*gyr"ic\, n. [L. panegyricus, Gr. panhgyrico`s: cf. F. pan['e]gyrique. See {Panegyric}, a.] An oration or eulogy in praise of some person or achievement; a formal or elaborate encomium; a laudatory discourse; laudation. See Synonym of {Eulogy}.
\Pan`e*gyr"ic\, Panegyrical \Pan`e*gyr"ic*al\, a. [L. panegyricus, Gr. panhgyrico`s, from ? an assembly of the people, a high festival; pa^, pa^n all + ?, an assembly.] Containing praise or eulogy; encomiastic; laudatory. ``Panegyric strains.'' --Pope. -- {Pan`e*gyr"ic*al*ly}, adv. Some of his odes are panegyrical. --Dryden.

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