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Manatee Definition

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[n] sirenian mammal of tropical coastal waters of America; the flat tail is rounded

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\Man`a*tee"\, n. [Sp. manat['i], from the native name in Hayti. Cf. {Lamantin}.] (Zo["o]l.) Any species of {Trichechus}, a genus of sirenians; -- called also{sea cow}. [Written also {manaty}, {manati}.] Note: One species ({Trichechus Senegalensis}) inhabits the west coast of Africa; another ({T. Americanus}) inhabits the east coast of South America, and the West-Indies. The Florida manatee ({T. latirostris}) is by some considered a distinct species, by others it is thought to be a variety of {T. Americanus}. It sometimes becomes fifteen feet or more in length, and lives both in fresh and salt water. It is hunted for its oil and flesh.

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