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Maculate Definition

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[adj] spotted or blotched
[adj] morally blemished; stained or impure
[v] spot, stain, or pollute; "The townspeople defiled the river by emptying raw sewage into it"
[v] make dirty or spotty, as by exposure to air, of metals; also used metaphorically; "The silver was tarnished by the long exposure to the air"; "Her reputation was sullied after the affair with a married man"

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Misc. Definitions

\Mac"u*late\, v. t. [L. maculatus, p. p. of maculare to spot. See {Macula}, and cf. {Macule}, v.] To spot; to stain; to blur. Maculate the honor of their people. --Sir T. Elyot.
\Mac"u*late\, a. [L. maculatus, p. p.] Marked with spots or macul[ae]; blotched; hence, defiled; impure; as, most maculate thoughts. --Shak.

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