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Lexicon Definition

The particular type of vocabulary used by a person or poet. The words 'wind', 'rain' and 'storm' are an instantly recognisable part of Bob Dylan's lexicon.

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Other Lexicon Definition

[n] a language user's knowledge of words
[n] a reference book containing an alphabetical list of words with information about them

Misc. Definitions

\Lex"i*con\ (l[e^]ks"[i^]*k[o^]n), n. [Gr. lexiko`n (sc. bibli`on), neut. of lexiko`s of or belonging to words, fr. le`xis a speaking, speech, a way of speaking, a single word or phrase, fr. le`gein to say, to speak. See {Legend}.] A vocabulary, or book containing an alphabetical arrangement of the words in a language or of a considerable number of them, with the definition of each; a dictionary; especially, a dictionary of the Greek, Hebrew, or Latin language.

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