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[n] an act that sets in motion some course of events
[n] the act of bringing about something (especially at an early time); "the induction of an anesthetic state"
[n] (physics) a property of an electric circuit by which an electromotive force is induced in it by a variation of current
[n] reasoning from detailed facts to general principles
[n] stimulation that calls up (draws forth) a particular class of behaviors; "the elicitation of his testimony was not easy"
[n] a formal entry into a position or office; "his initiation into the club"; "he was ordered to report for induction into the army"
[n] an electrical phenomenon whereby an electromotive force (EMF) is generated in a closed circuit by a change in the flow of current
[n] the process whereby changes in the current flow in a circuit produce magnetism or an EMF

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