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Hysteron Proteron Definition

A figure of speech in which things are named in the reverse of their normal order.

Hysteron Proteron Poem Example

Examples: So he came, cart and horse. Night and day---Cole Porter. We never wondered how he garnered his butter and bread.

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Other Hysteron Proteron Definition

[n] the logical fallacy of using as a true premise a proposition that is yet to be proved
[n] reversal of normal order of two words or sentences etc. (as in `bred and born')

Misc. Definitions

\Hys"te*ron prot"e*ron\ [NL., fr. Gr. ? the latter, following + ? before, others, sooner.] (Rhet.) (a) A figure in which the natural order of sense is reversed; hysterology; as, valet atque vivit, ``he is well and lives.'' (b) An inversion of logical order, in which the conclusion is put before the premises, or the thing proved before the evidence.