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Fighting Definition

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Other Fighting Definition

[n] the act of fighting; any contest or struggle; "a fight broke out at the hockey game"; "there was fighting in the streets"
[adj] disposed to loud disagreements and fighting
[adj] engaged in war; "belligerent (or warring) nations"; "a fighting war"

Misc. Definitions

\Fight"ing\, a.
1. Qualified for war; fit for battle. An host of fighting men. --2 Chron. xxvi. 1
2. Occupied in war; being the scene of a battle; as, a fighting field. --Pope. {A fighting chance}, one dependent upon the issue of a struggle. [Colloq.] {Fighting crab} (Zo["o]l.), the fiddler crab. {Fighting fish} (Zo["o]l.), a remarkably pugnacious East Indian fish ({Betta pugnax}), reared by the Siamese for spectacular fish fights.

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