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Enchantment Definition

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Other Enchantment Definition

[n] a magical spell
[n] a feeling of great liking for something wonderful and unusual
[n] a psychological state induced by (or as if induced by) a magical incantation

Misc. Definitions

\En*chant"ment\, n. [F. enchantement.]
1. The act of enchanting; the production of certain wonderful effects by the aid of demons, or the agency of supposed spirits; the use of magic arts, spells, or charms; incantation. After the last enchantment you did here. --Shak.
2. The effect produced by the act; the state of being enchanted; as, to break an enchantment.
3. That which captivates the heart and senses; an influence or power which fascinates or highly delights. Such an enchantment as there is in words. --South. Syn: Incantation; necromancy; magic; sorcery; witchcraft; spell; charm; fascination; witchery.

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