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Corpus Definition

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Other Corpus Definition

[n] the main part of an organ or other bodily structure
[n] a collection of writings; "he edited the Hemingway corpus"
[n] capital as contrasted with the income derived from it

Misc. Definitions

\Cor"pus\ (-p[u^]s), n.; pl. {Corpora} (-p[-o]*r[.a]). [L.] A body, living or dead; the corporeal substance of a thing. {Corpus callosum} (k[a^]l*l[=o]"s[u^]m); pl. {Corpora callosa} (-s?) [NL., callous body] (Anat.), the great band of commissural fibers uniting the cerebral hemispheres. See {Brain}. {Corpus Christi} (kr[i^]s"t[imac]) [L., body of Christ] (R. C. Ch.), a festival in honor of the eucharist, observed on the Thursday after Trinity Sunday. {Corpus Christi cloth}. Same as {Pyx cloth}, under {Pyx}. {Corpus delicti} (d[-e]*l[i^]k"t[imac]) [L., the body of the crime] (Law), the substantial and fundamental fact of the comission of a crime; the proofs essential to establish a crime. {Corpus luteum} (l[=u]"t[-e]*[u^]m); pl. {Corpora lutea} (-[.a]). [NL., luteous body] (Anat.), the reddish yellow mass which fills a ruptured Graafian follicle in the mammalian ovary. {Corpus striatum} (str[-i]*[=a]"t[u^]m); pl. {Corpora striata} (-t[.a]). [NL., striate body] (Anat.), a ridge in the wall of each lateral ventricle of the brain.

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