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Conscript Definition

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Other Conscript Definition

[n] someone who is drafted into military service
[v] enroll into service compulsorily; "The men were conscripted"


draftee, inductee

Misc. Definitions

\Con"script\, a. [L. conscriptus, p. p. of conscribere to write together, to enroll; con- + scribere to write. See {Scribe}.] Enrolled; written; registered. {Conscript fathers} (Rom. Antiq.), the senators of ancient Rome. When certain new senators were first enrolled with the ``fathers'' the body was called Patres et Conscripti; afterward all were called Patres conscripti.
\Con"script\, n. One taken by lot, or compulsorily enrolled, to serve as a soldier or sailor.
\Con*script"\, v. t. To enroll, by compulsion, for military service.

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