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Conquest Definition

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Other Conquest Definition

[n] success in mastering something difficult; "the conquest of space"
[n] the act of conquering
[n] an act of winning the love or sexual favor of someone

Misc. Definitions

\Con"quest\, n. [OF. conquest, conqueste, F. conqu[^e]te, LL. conquistum, conquista, prop. p. p. from L. conquirere. See {Conquer}.]
1. The act or process of conquering, or acquiring by force; the act of overcoming or subduing opposition by force, whether physical or moral; subjection; subjugation; victory. In joys of conquest he resigns his breath. --Addison. Three years sufficed for the conquest of the country. --Prescott.
2. That which is conquered; possession gained by force, physical or moral. Wherefore rejoice? What conquest brings he home? --Shak.
3. (Feudal Law) The acquiring of property by other means than by inheritance; acquisition. --Blackstone.
4. The act of gaining or regaining by successful struggle; as, the conquest of liberty or peace. {The Conquest} (Eng. Hist.), the subjugation of England by William of Normandy in 106
6. Syn: Victory; triumph; mastery; reduction; subjugation; subjection.

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