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Congenial Definition

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Other Congenial Definition

[adj] used of plants; capable of cross-fertilization or of being grafted
[adj] suitable to your needs or similar to your nature; "a congenial atmosphere to work in"; "two congenial spirits mutual confidence and reciprocal virtues"- T.L.Peacock

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Misc. Definitions

\Con*gen"ial\ (?; 106), a. [Pref. con- + genial.]
1. Partaking of the same nature; allied by natural characteristics; kindred; sympathetic. Congenial souls! whose life one avarice joins. --Pope.
2. Naturally adapted; suited to the disposition. ``Congenial clime.'' --C. J. Fox. To defame the excellence with which it has no sympathy . . . is its congenial work. --I. Taylor.

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