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Collection Definition

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Other Collection Definition

[n] the act of gathering something together
[n] request for a sum of money; "an appeal to raise money for starving children"
[n] a publication containing a variety of works

Misc. Definitions

\Col*lec"tion\, n. [L. collectio: cf. F. collection.]
1. The act or process of collecting or of gathering; as, the collection of specimens.
2. That which is collected; as: (a) A gathering or assemblage of objects or of persons. ``A collection of letters.'' --Macaulay. (b) A gathering of money for charitable or other purposes, as by passing a contribution box for freewill offerings. ``The collection for the saints.'' --1 Cor. xvi. 1 (c) (Usually in pl.) That which is obtained in payment of demands. (d) An accumulation of any substance. ``Collections of moisture.'' --Whewell. ``A purulent collection.'' --Dunglison.
3. The act of inferring or concluding from premises or observed facts; also, that which is inferred. [Obs.] We may safely say thus, that wrong collections have been hitherto made out of those words by modern divines. --Milton.
4. The jurisdiction of a collector of excise. [Eng.] Syn: Gathering; assembly; assemblage; group; crowd; congregation; mass; heap; compilation.

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