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Bulk Definition

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Other Bulk Definition

[n] the property possessed by a large mass
[n] the property of something that is great in magnitude; "it is cheaper to buy it in bulk"; "he received a mass of correspondence"; "the volume of exports"
[n] the property resulting from being or relating to the greater in number of two parts; the main part; "the majority of his customers prefer it"; "the bulk of the work is finished"
[v] cause to bulge or swell outwards
[v] stick out or up; "The parcel bulked in the sack"


bulge, majority, volume



Misc. Definitions

\Bulk\ (b[u^]lk), n. [OE. bulke, bolke, heap; cf. Dan. bulk lump, clod, OSw. bolk crowd, mass, Icel. b?lkast to be bulky. Cf. {Boll}, n., {Bile} a boil, {Bulge}, n.]
1. Magnitude of material substance; dimensions; mass; size; as, an ox or ship of great bulk. Against these forces there were prepared near one hundred ships; not so great of bulk indeed, but of a more nimble motion, and more serviceable. --Bacon.
2. The main mass or body; the largest or principal portion; the majority; as, the bulk of a debt. The bulk of the people must labor, Burke told them, ``to obtain what by labor can be obtained.'' --J. Morley.
3. (Naut.) The cargo of a vessel when stowed.
4. The body. [Obs.] --Shak. My liver leaped within my bulk. --Turbervile. {Barrel bulk}. See under {Barrel}. {To break bulk} (Naut.), to begin to unload or more the cargo. {In bulk}, in a mass; loose; not inclosed in separate packages or divided into separate parts; in such shape that any desired quantity may be taken or sold. {Laden in bulk}, {Stowed in bulk}, having the cargo loose in the hold or not inclosed in boxes, bales, or casks. {Sale by bulk}, a sale of goods as they are, without weight or measure. Syn: Size; magnitude; dimension; volume; bigness; largeness; massiveness.
\Bulk\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. {Bulked}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Bulking}.] To appear or seem to be, as to bulk or extent; to swell. The fame of Warburton possibly bulked larger for the moment. --Leslie Stephen.
\Bulk\, n. [Icel. b[=a]lkr a beam, partition. Cf. {Balk}, n. & v.] A projecting part of a building. [Obs.] Here, stand behind this bulk. --Shak.

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