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Bloom Definition

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Other Bloom Definition

[n] a powdery deposit on a surface
[n] reproductive organ of angiosperm plants especially one having showy or colorful parts
[n] the period of greatest prosperity or productivity
[n] the organic process of bearing flowers; "you will stop all bloom if you let the flowers go to seed"
[n] a rosy color (especially in the cheeks) taken as a sign of good health
[n] the best time of youth
[v] produce or yield flowers; "The cherry tree bloomed"

Misc. Definitions

\Bloom\, n. [OE. blome, fr. Icel. bl?m, bl?mi; akin to Sw. blom, Goth. bl?ma, OS. bl?mo, D. bloem, OHG. bluomo, bluoma, G. blume; fr. the same root as AS. bl?wan to blow, blossom. See {Blow} to bloom, and cf. {Blossom}.]
1. A blossom; the flower of a plant; an expanded bud; flowers, collectively. The rich blooms of the tropics. --Prescott.
2. The opening of flowers in general; the state of blossoming or of having the flowers open; as, the cherry trees are in bloom. ``Sight of vernal bloom.'' --Milton.
3. A state or time of beauty, freshness, and vigor; an opening to higher perfection, analogous to that of buds into blossoms; as, the bloom of youth. Every successive mother has transmitted a fainter bloom, a more delicate and briefer beauty. --Hawthorne.
4. The delicate, powdery coating upon certain growing or newly-gathered fruits or leaves, as on grapes, plums, etc. Hence: Anything giving an appearance of attractive freshness; a flush; a glow. A new, fresh, brilliant world, with all the bloom upon it. --Thackeray.
5. The clouded appearance which varnish sometimes takes upon the surface of a picture.
6. A yellowish deposit or powdery coating which appears on well-tanned leather. --Knight.
7. (Min.) A popular term for a bright-hued variety of some minerals; as, the rose-red cobalt bloom.
\Bloom\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. {Bloomed}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Blooming}.]
1. To produce or yield blossoms; to blossom; to flower or be in flower. A flower which once In Paradise, fast by the tree of life, Began to bloom. --Milton.
2. To be in a state of healthful, growing youth and vigor; to show beauty and freshness, as of flowers; to give promise, as by or with flowers. A better country blooms to view, Beneath a brighter sky. --Logan.
\Bloom\, v. t.
1. To cause to blossom; to make flourish. [R.] Charitable affection bloomed them. --Hooker.
2. To bestow a bloom upon; to make blooming or radiant. [R.] --Milton. While barred clouds bloom the soft-dying day. --Keats.
\Bloom\, n. [AS. bl?ma a mass or lump, [=i]senes bl?ma a lump or wedge of iron.] (Metal.) (a) A mass of wrought iron from the Catalan forge or from the puddling furnace, deprived of its dross, and shaped usually in the form of an oblong block by shingling. (b) A large bar of steel formed directly from an ingot by hammering or rolling, being a preliminary shape for further working.

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