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Bench Definition

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Other Bench Definition

[n] a long seat for more than one person
[n] a strong worktable for a carpenter or mechanic
[n] persons who administer justice
[n] the reserve players on a team; "our team has a strong bench"
[n] the magistrate or judge or judges sitting in court in judicial capacity to compose the court collectively
[n] a level shelf of land interrupting a declivity (with steep slopes above and below)
[v] exhibit on a bench; of animals such as dogs at shows
[v] take out of a game; of players

Misc. Definitions

\Bench\, n.; pl. {Benches}. [OE. bench, benk, AS. benc; akin to Sw. b["a]nk, Dan b[ae]nk, Icel. bekkr, OS., D., & G. bank. Cf. {Bank}, {Beach}.]
1. A long seat, differing from a stool in its greater length. Mossy benches supplied the place of chairs. --Sir W. Scott.
2. A long table at which mechanics and other work; as, a carpenter's bench.
3. The seat where judges sit in court. To pluck down justice from your awful bench. --Shak.
4. The persons who sit as judges; the court; as, the opinion of the full bench. See {King's Bench}.
5. A collection or group of dogs exhibited to the public; -- so named because the animals are usually placed on benches or raised platforms.
6. A conformation like a bench; a long stretch of flat ground, or a kind of natural terrace, near a lake or river. {Bench mark} (Leveling), one of a number of marks along a line of survey, affixed to permanent objects, to show where leveling staffs were placed. {Bench of bishops}, the whole body of English prelates assembled in council. {Bench plane}, any plane used by carpenters and joiners for working a flat surface, as jack planes, long planes. {Bench show}, an exhibition of dogs. {Bench table} (Arch.), a projecting course at the base of a building, or round a pillar, sufficient to form a seat.
\Bench\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Benched}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Benching}.]
1. To furnish with benches. 'T was benched with turf. --Dryden. Stately theaters benched crescentwise. --Tennyson.
2. To place on a bench or seat of honor. Whom I . . . have benched and reared to worship. --Shak.
\Bench\, v. i. To sit on a seat of justice. [R.] --Shak.

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