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Attrition Definition

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Other Attrition Definition

[n] the act of rubbing together; wearing something down by friction
[n] a wearing down to weaken or destroy; "a war of attrition"
[n] sorrow for sin arising from fear of damnation
[n] the wearing down of rock particles by friction due to water or wind or ice
[n] erosion by friction

Misc. Definitions

\At*tri"tion\, n. [L. attritio: cf. F. attrition.]
1. The act of rubbing together; friction; the act of wearing by friction, or by rubbing substances together; abrasion. Effected by attrition of the inward stomach. --Arbuthnot.
2. The state of being worn. --Johnson.
3. (Theol.) Grief for sin arising only from fear of punishment or feelings of shame. See {Contrition}. --Wallis.

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