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Archaism Definition

Use of obsolete or old-fashioned language e.g. 'thee', 'thou' or 'beauteous'.

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Other Archaism Definition

[n] the use of an archaic expression



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expression, formulation

Misc. Definitions

\Ar"cha*ism\, n. [Gr. 'archai:smo`s, fr. 'archai^os ancient, fr. 'archh` beginning: cf. F. archa["i]sme. See {Arch}, a.]
1. An ancient, antiquated, or old-fashioned, word, expression, or idiom; a word or form of speech no longer in common use.
2. Antiquity of style or use; obsoleteness. A select vocabulary corresponding (in point of archaism and remoteness from ordinary use) to our Scriptural vocabulary. --De Quincey.

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