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Anastomose Definition

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Other Anastomose Definition

[v] cause to join or open into each other by anastomosis, as of blood vessels
[v] come together or open into each other, as of blood vessels



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bring together, conjoin, join

Misc. Definitions

\A*nas"to*mose\, v. i. [imp. p. p. {Anastomozed}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Anastomosing}.] [Cf. F. anastomoser, fr. anastomose. See {Anastomosis}.] (Anat. & Bot.) To inosculate; to intercommunicate by anastomosis, as the arteries and veins. The ribbing of the leaf, and the anastomosing network of its vessels. --I. Taylor.
\A*nas"to*mose\, v. i. Of any channels or lines, to meet and unite or run into each other, as rivers; to coalesce; to interjoin.

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