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Accessible Definition

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[adj] capable of being reached; "a town accessible by rail"
[adj] easy to get along with or talk to; friendly; "an accessible and genial man"
[adj] easily obtained; "most students now have computers accessible"; "accessible money"
[adj] capable of being read with comprehension; "readily accessible to the nonprofessional reader"; "the tales seem more approachable than his more difficult novels"

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Misc. Definitions

\Ac*cess"i*ble\, a. [L. accessibilis, fr. accedere: cf. F. accessible. See {Accede}.]
1. Easy of access or approach; approachable; as, an accessible town or mountain, an accessible person.
2. Open to the influence of; -- with to. ``Minds accessible to reason.'' --Macaulay.
3. Obtainable; to be got at. The best information . . . at present accessible. --Macaulay.

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