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Abstinence Definition

Other Abstinence Definition

[n] act or practice of refraining from indulging an appetite
[n] the trait of abstaining (especially from alcohol)

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Misc. Definitions

\Ab"sti*nence\, n. [F. abstinence, L. abstinentia, fr. abstinere. See {Abstain}.]
1. The act or practice of abstaining; voluntary forbearance of any action, especially the refraining from an indulgence of appetite, or from customary gratifications of animal or sensual propensities. Specifically, the practice of abstaining from intoxicating beverages, -- called also {total abstinence}. The abstinence from a present pleasure that offers itself is a pain, nay, oftentimes, a very great one. --Locke.
2. The practice of self-denial by depriving one's self of certain kinds of food or drink, especially of meat. Penance, fasts, and abstinence, To punish bodies for the soul's offense. --Dryden.

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