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Writing for Healing: A Summer of Soul Journaling

by Tameko Barnette

The journal is sacred space.   People buy journals from bookstores because they're going to start journaling in January or their birthday.  They may start out on the right foot but never keep it going.  Perhaps, you don't have to keep it going.  Perhaps, if you can hang in there for one season without any pressure of continuing on the journaling road, maybe that'll be all the time you need.

Creating Heat in the Journal and Beyond

Obviously, the Summer season is a time of heat, depending on your location, intense heat.  On another note, Summer is a time of action and movement which could lead to purification and a search for the nearest AC (i.e., the body's need for balance).   So, how would all this translate to your journal?  Especially, if you don't like spending too much time outside in the heat.  It can create irritable feelings and communication.

90 Days to Creating Sacred Space in Your Heart and Mind

You have two (2) things to do for the next ninety (90) days.  By chance, if you have come to this article mid-Summer or another season, it is still applicable.  The intentions and actions are the same.

1.  Apply "Kriya to Calm the Heart" for 3 minutes.  Sit comfortably, spine straight, left hand over the middle of the chest, and right hand in an "A-Ok" position; thumb and first fingertips touching and other fingers out straight.  Hold this position up at your right shoulder like you're taking an oath.  Breathe normally.   Then, you should end by inhaling slowly, hold the breath and hold in the navel at the same time for five seconds, and exhale releasing the navel.  Do this 3 times.

2.  Spend ten (10) minutes writing in your journal responding to only one question every single for ninety days, "Who am I?"   However, your writing comes out each day is fine.  Whether, it's a poem, a regular journal writing,  a drawing.  After ninety days, you may find a variety of expressions coming through or it may be all the same.

Examine what you've written after ninety days, but not only that, examine the way you wrote, if you drew something, if you wrote something creative.  Do you see a pattern in what you're sensing and knowing about yourself or does it change often depending on the day you had?  How do your heart and your mind feel and think now?  This is very important.

Please leave comments below, if you are trying this out.  I would love to know if you are receiving anything positive from this experience.