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Write Poetry with Your Heart

by Franci Hoffman

Poetry is the most masterful and revealing form of creative writing. You can write in fantasy or realistic. Imagery can be dubious or inconspicuous, splendid or dull. Let your heart or subliminal be your guide whether you write in structure, utilizing designs, or compose openly.  

One can exercise their creative senses in a poem thus the reason verse composing is popular for folk in love with allowing their words to flow with ease. Rules and principles, only in the mind of the author. Poets have total freedom to assemble something from nothing essentially by hanging words together.

Undeniably, verse composing is charming to writers who are oozing with inventiveness. The process of writing a poem can be enchanting and hypnotizing. Though, the opportunity and inventiveness can make you feel overwhelmed. Ideas swirling in your head, not yet organized, can present more of a challenge than enjoyment. Poetry should be written for your enjoyment and from the heart.

Let your mind take a winding path through a forest or sail the seas or bask in the moonlight and write what you see and feel. Now you have a beginning to weave your ideas into magical verse. You are painting with words.

Compose verse frequently, read it aloud, sing it and feel the rhythm. Let your readers sense your emotions. Don’t be concerned with writing a poem that will be judged, write for yourself and from the heart.

Above all, never give up and keep writing.