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Wee Hours & Inspiration

by Michael Wegman

In the words of American Novelist and Poet Louisa May Alcott, "Up at dawn, the dewy freshness of the hour, the morning rapture of the birds, the daily miracle of sunrise, set her heart in tune, and gave her nature's most healing balm.”

In truth, for me 'dawn' is usually still hours away on most mornings when I find myself sipping coffee and considering how to proceed translating thoughts to words on paper.  The occasional conflict I face is whether my words aim to deliberately attempt to improve the world or to simply offer a way to better enjoy that same world.  And perhaps in an effort to accomplish one, the other also happens!

In any event, regardless of your preferred time of day to write, 'writers write,' so just put words on paper.  Any words will do.  Avoiding writing because of "block" is like doing nothing and hoping a sink clog magically goes away on its own.  "Hope" is not an action plan.  Write...and the block usually takes care of itself.  I can’t tell you how many incoherent words and sentences I have written in an effort to write my way out of the black hole of writer's block to eventually arrive at words that matter—and stick!

In terms of inspiration, look around for someone doing something you admire.  It's just that easy.  In all walks of life, I routinely observe ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  I once observed a high school student crossing campus who suddenly stopped, bent over, and picked up a stray empty soda can someone had carelessly pitched onto the grass.  This student proceeded onward another 100 yards or so where he deposited the can into the trash receptacle, probably clueless that I had observed with admiration his simple act of selflessness.  That night I actually wrote about that student and his random act.  

Write in the morning or late at night...or during lunch as a short timeout in the middle of a busy hectic day.  Make writing your respite.  Your oasis.  Your island from rough seas.  Above all, write!  And observe humans, animals, nature, weather, anything dynamic in our world—all of which make wonderful inspiration for written descriptions that improve our world or just allow us all to simply enjoy it a little better!