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The Reason I Write Poetry And The Appreciation Of Art

by Louis Borgo

The question I ask being a poet is writing an art? And being so is the appreciation of art gives great meaning to society and culture.  What I have learned of being a poet you can never stop learning due to the fact it is art. It is like being at an art gallery and reading a painting as with poetry and fellow poets from generation and generation before me every type of style that is a form a verse has great meaning. So once I had begun written poetry I had just thought every poem was free verse and as time change and season change.  I learned different forms and understanding of poems and meaning as well as concepts.

Is poetry used in every day culture?  What I have learned through college is there are a lot of different type of standard writing as well as clarity of reading to meaning. What is a reason a person read sorting topics is it for informal information, formal information, Researching, or just because a person is a reader and so on. So looking back at the question is poetry used in every day culture, well look at the poet style Parallelismus Membrorum. This style of written to summon it up of my view is the way a person speak and how it is processed.  And what I learned is some words spoken and written may not flow or carry on into a rhyme base sentence. I had a professor tell me write the way you speak. And he point out the way I write has a lot of onomatopoeia, assonance, and consonance with in my essay so is poetry in every day culture? Thinking of person inheritance the language, and the vocabulary spoken I would have to say yes. Poetry is used in ever day culture.

Is poetry still appreciation in today culture? Well looking into concept one parents teach them how to speak.  Take in meaning a child first word. Going to school, to family, and peers if Parallelismus Membrorum is a way a person writes the way they talk. I would have to say poetry is present in society but is this base on fundamentals that is questionable? But if so I say that goes back to the original question is writing an art? Take in the word Artist I would say poetry and the appreciation is more a part of society what some would consider. Meaning what is a song writer, an art teacher or even a musician? all those words derive from the word art. So is poetry still appreciation in today culture I would say to understand is to read.

So when looking at is writing an art?, Is poetry used in every day culture? As well as Is poetry still appreciation in today culture? I would have to say it “start with a book”. And the more I read and more I listen to others and their advice. I learn that I was a poet and this is the reason I wrote poetry. Maybe my teachers knew my career choice before I decision it. "This is the reason I write poetry and my appreciation of art.